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During 2021, in the peak of the pandemic, something changed. From frontline workers to homemakers, from entrepreneurs to artists, we witnessed a community-wide need for greater mental health support.


What started as a means to give back through the ‘100 Hour Project’, we offered 100 hours of free counseling sessions to anyone who needed it. No questions asked. Having crossed over 150+ bookings in less than 48 hours, the success of this initiative led to a bittersweet realization - there was still a lot of ground to cover and what we did, although appreciated, was simply not enough.


After months of tinkering, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 which stands to achieve 'Good Health and Well-being', the Good Wave Foundation is a bold step in exactly this direction. To create a wave of positivity.


How are we actually making a difference?


By taking baby steps. Everyone who contributes to creating awareness around mental health, even in the slightest way possible, is only a part of the bigger picture. And the picture is gigantic, trust us! With so many helplines, therapy services, and conversations about well-being, we are merely at the tip of the iceberg.


Where do we come in?


Let us give you a quick introduction. Born out of the ideas and efforts of an agency network, the Good Wave Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative aimed at making physical and mental health well-being accessible to people of all genders, meanwhile countering discrimination and bias at the workplace. We aim for a society, both urban and rural, where medical relief facilities, both preventive and psychological, are accessible to all, where mental health is not a stigma, and where everyone gets a shoulder to lean on if they ask for support.

We have faith that for anyone who extends a hand, there is someone who will hold it and guide them forward. We want to be that someone. And we want you to be a part of this beautiful journey.


Join the movement.

Help us turn conversations into actions, & actions into impact.

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