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15th, September 2022: Incorporation & Section 8 License

Incorporation of The Good Wave Foundation as a not-for-profit under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013.

7th January, 2023: Launch / Announcement

Born out of the efforts of an agency collective, the Good Wave Foundation stands committed to elevating the quality of life of individuals at work and beyond, by making an impact through diverse projects focused on free mental health counselling, empowerment & equality.




16th & 17th March 2023: First Fundraiser

The Good Wave Foundation proudly hosted a volunteer-led Fundraiser at 91springboard, BKC. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we managed to raise a little over ₹50,000.

April, May, June 2023: Shortlisting Counsellors

The Good Wave Foundation initiated its counsellor recruitment drive. Following a rigorous shortlisting process, expert counsellors were onboarded to our Panel, underscoring our steadfast commitment to providing expert mental health care.



July 9th, 2023: Udayan Care Workshop

The Good Wave Foundation successfully hosted a workshop titled 'Mental Health Awareness', led by a qualified psychologist for the dedicated 'Spirited Shalinis' of Udayan Care. The 2-hour session imparted essential strategies for managing exam stress and introduced participants to the practice of mindful breathing, marking another stride in our commitment to mental well-being.

July 21st, 2023: Launch of Cohort 1

The Good Wave Foundation launched Cohort 1, offering free therapy for individuals aged 18 and across India. Following our announcement, we witnessed an influx of applications across demographics.



July & August 2023: 1st Cohort In-Action

As of August 31st, the Good Wave Foundation marked the completion of 50 + people availing multiple free therapy sessions.

September 28, 2023: Launch of 1st Entrepreneur Cohort

After the success of Cohort 1, The Good Wave Foundation launched free therapy sessions for entrepreneurs, founders, and small business owners. This announcement was met with an influx of applications from founders who needed a safe space to talk.


500 + hours

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